Screenwriting | Script and Creative Development

Screenwriting commissions & developments:

"Dick & Stewart: I Spy with My Little Eye"
Dick & Stewart is a series of short animations set in a dystopian British town.

Retort/Fremantle Media:

The adaptation of my book Discovering Scarfolk and the Scarfolk website is currently in development.

yU+co Film Design and Production (US & China):

- Story treatment for a children's fantasy feature Into the Forest. (2016)

- Story treatment for a feature-length film The Story of River based on Chinese mythology. (2012-).

- Trailer texts and taglines for Jackie's Chan's film Chinese Zodiac (2012).

- Writer of the trailer for Jackie Chan’s film The Shinjuku Incident (2010).

“Beatrice” (psychological neo-noir/thriller)
An injured woman with amnesia arrives in a small town believing she’s a politician’s daughter who disappeared twenty years ago. Commissioned feature screenplay.

“Artifice” (satire)
A simple gift-shop owner is mistaken to be a talented contemporary artist and becomes the toast of the art world and a celebrity. Optioned feature screenplay.

“The Captive Lake”
(historical drama)
The tragic story of a family that lives in the shadow of the doomed Möhne dam during World War II, shortly before the ‘Dambusters’ raid of 1943. Commissioned feature screenplay.

“The Green Man” (supernatural drama)
An American businessman travels to rural Ireland to establish a chemical plant. There he encounters unhappy locals and an ancient legend that is inexplicably linked to his own past. Commissioned feature screenplay.

“The Black 6s” (closed room thriller)
An innocent man on death row realises that the prisoner in the next cell is the true perpetrator of the murder of which he is accused. Treatment.

“The Woof-Woof Technique” (romantic comedy)
A marriage guidance counsellor falls for one of his clients and resolves to destroy her marriage with disastrous results for everyone involved. Treatment.

LovEbay (romantic comedy)
A humourless, obsessive collector’s life turns to chaos when he attempts to pick up an item he won on Ebay from its eccentric previous owner. Treatment.

“Goodnight Mongolia”
A long defunct British rock band suddenly makes it big in rural Asia. Treatment.


- Since 2009 I have collaborated with ex-Major Films producer, Nicolai Schümann, and his new production company, Squonk Media, which bought three of the treatments I originally sold to Major Films (Goodnight Mongolia; The Black 6s; The Woof-Woof Technique).

- My dramedy feature screenplay, My Wife's Next Husband, placed in the following competitions:
Kaos Films' British Feature Screenplay competition: semi-finalist; Scriptapalooza: quarter-finalist; Blue Cat Screenwriting Competition: quarter-finalist. This screenplay is available for purchase.

- Spec’ stories in development: A multi-protagonist dramedy about an estranged family; a dystopic thriller; a medieval tragedy; an adventure set in Elizabethan England.

Related Work:

- Assessing the craft and technical aspects, as well as the commercial viability of third party screenplays and treatments, and guide them through development. I have read scripts for directors, producers, literary agencies, actors, and other writers.

- Screenwriting software used: Final Draft; Movie Magic Screenwriter; Storyview; Power Structure; Dramatica Pro; Storybase, Storylines; Inspiration (mind mapping), etc.

Industry Courses:
Bruce Block's 'Visual Structure' (UCLA extension/Fetac); Linda Aronson's 'Non-Linear Narrative' (UCLA extension/Fetac); TV drama development (D. Nevins, S. Timberland, E. Redlich, A. Pharoah); business for screenwriters; and an adaptation master class with Jean-Claude Carriere.

Other Media Experience:
- Copy-editor of a series of academic publications for Heidelberg University’s Cluster of Excellence: “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” in Germany (since 2010)

- Senior graphic designer and creative consultant. I have many years’ experience in the interactive television, computer games, and other new media industries. Since the early 90s I have worked on projects for companies such as the BBC, Disney, Channel 4, yU+co, Reebok, and MTV (Separate design CV available upon request)

- Back in 1992, I was the production co-ordinator and co-editor of Dark Waters, a horror film shot on location in Russia and the Ukraine.

- My poetry and prose have been published in literary magazines including Gargoyle.

If you would like a hard copy of my CV, or would like a writing sample or script, please mail me