Manuscript Consultancy & Editing

I have copy edited many academic books and articles in various humanities and social science disciplines for both traditional print and online publications.
My average quote is £45/€60 per hour, but I will be able to give a more exact quote based on a sample of the work you would like me to copy edit, and the timeframe in which you need the work completed.

Every book is different and some books require more attention; for example I specialise in copy editing manuscripts by non-native speakers which have deeper language issues. 

I am available to assess the dramatic and technical aspects of your screenplay. Coverage includes suggestions for improvement and generally covers:

story premise/concept

Feature length screenplay (80-120 pages)
-- A reading of the script with brief synopsis and notes (3-4 pages).
-- A deeper reading of the script with brief synopsis and more in-depth notes (up to 8 pages).

Development service
I offer this more comprehensive service to writers and producers who want to keep their screenplay projects on track, or need creative guidance throughout the writing or development process. Please enquire about costs.
Sample analyses available upon request. Email me here.