To contact me, request a writing sample or script, or just to have a chat, mail me here.

Am I available for writing/script development projects?
I’m always very keen to hear from producers, directors and other writers wishing to collaborate on unique projects. Contact me so that we can discuss your project ideas and needs.

What do I offer?
- Full screenplay developments - commissions, adaptations, etcetera.
- Rewrites
- Polishes
- Short and long treatments
- Outlines
- Pitches
- Editing
- TV series scriptwriter/'writer's room' member
- Scriptwriting for computer or console games and other interactive new media projects.
- Story and narrative consultation for the interactive industries

- Creative development. I can collaborate with directors and producers to either generate new film projects or guide existing projects through the writing and development phase.

Am I available for analyst jobs?
Yes. Go here for more detail.

How do I like to work as a writer?
In a nutshell: Every writing project is unique with its own focuses and requirements, but generally I like to work on the characters in as much detail as possible to ensure that they’re appropriately designed, balanced and well orchestrated in relation to the controlling idea of the story. When I’m content with the characters I test them in various situations and scenarios, not all of which will ultimately make it into the script. I try to leave structuring the work until as late as possible in the game because I’ve found that tying oneself too rigidly to a pre-conceived paradigm limits the development of the characters and the depth of the work overall. Ideally, the physical writing of the script itself is the last stage of the process.

Am I available for design projects?
Yes, I am. Ideally, a project would unify my writing and design skills. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. You can also visit my design site HERE.